About Makéda Renée

Established in 2010, Makéda Renée is a group of creatives that specializes in creating high-quality, market-worthy photos for every type of customer. From high end jewelry lines to budding local boutiques, We know how to deliver on shots that are sure to enhance your business.

About The Founder

Meet DaraFounder and Creative Director Dara M Wilson has a background that spans both fashion and commerce. Dara studied photography, videography and consumer psychology at Harvard University. After graduating in 2009, she moved to San Francisco to embark on a career in digital retail merchandising. Time and again, she encountered vendors who were eager to sell their products online, but whose visuals were not optimized to facilitate sales. This spurred a desire on her part to design shots that reflected a product’s true value, without compromising beauty and style.

After years in front of the camera, Dara now enjoys working behind the scenes: setting shots, coaching models, and beyond the set, optimizing digital storefronts.